About the Jazzopath

I started this blog because I love jazz, think about it a lot, and have a somewhat compulsive tendency to create lists and spreadsheets that help me gain clarity on my interests. In other words, I needed an outlet.

My interest in jazz goes back to my childhood love of music. My Mom and Dad graduated high school in the mid-’40s and enjoyed big band music, though their tastes ran more toward Glenn Miller than say, Stan Kenton. Regardless, I heard plenty of that music as child in the 1970s and I always loved the sound of those orchestras. Still do.

In high school, I played guitar in my school’s jazz sextet, and was exposed to people like Horace Silver and Miles Davis. Loved it. I attended the Berklee College of Music for a little while in the late ’80s, which was hugely influential on me musically.

Throughout the ’90s, my band played all around the Boston area, mixing rock, funk, and ska with jazz harmonies.

I’ve been a high school teacher for a long time now, listen to jazz all the time (85-90% of my “diet”), and still practice guitar, write, and record music, though not necessarily jazz, per se.

And I update this blog when inspiration strikes.