The Blue Note 4000 Project: 4010, Bennie Green, Walkin’ & Talkin’ (1959)

Catalog number: Blue Note 4010 – Previous | Next

Bennie Green (tb), Eddie Williams (ts), Gildo Mahones (p), George Tucker (b), Al Dreares (d)

Cover photo: Francis Wolff
Design: Reid Miles
Liner notes: Robert Levin

Recorded by Rudy Van Gelder at Van Gelder Studio, Hackensack, NJ, January 25, 1959

Originally released May 1959

Date first heard: January 30, 2021 (Apple Music)

My Take
I’d only ever seen this album in Blue Note discographies and I was unfamiliar with all ofd the sidemen. No matter, it’s great fun. Straightforward, mainstream jazz without any rough edges but with lots of joy. Bennie Green’s style is unlike any of the other trombonists who appeared on Blue Note around this time. No bop “arm calisthenics”, just a sweet, swing-oriented tone that would probably have made my Dad happy.

TL;DR: Fun, easily digestible jazz. To be sure, something that would not be too common on Blue Note in the coming half decade.

Favorite track: “Walkin’ and Talkin’.” Bennie claps when the others solos. Doesn’t get more down-home than that.

Bennie Green is not to be confused with pianist and former Jazz Messenger Benny Green.

One thought on “The Blue Note 4000 Project: 4010, Bennie Green, Walkin’ & Talkin’ (1959)

  1. Great little chronicle! Never heard about this Bennie Green album. I like the cover, it must look good on these laminated old school BN covers. I’ve checked “Walkin’ and Talkin” and I like it. Cool track that’s not gonna revolutionize the genre but very enjoyable anyway (and the sax solo is very cool, nice tone). Thanks for the discovery!

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