The Blue Note 4000 Project: 4006 – Dizzy Reece, Blues in Trinity (1959)

Catalog Number: Blue Note 4006 – Previous | Next

    Dizzy Reece (tp), Donald Byrd (tp), Tubby Hayes (ts), Terry Shannon (p), Lloyd Thompson (b), Art Taylor (d)

    Cover photo: Bill Penny
    Design: Reid Miles
    Liner notes: Tony Ball

    Recorded at Decca Studios, London, UK, August 24, 1958. Rerecorded by Rudy Van Gelder.

    Originally released June 1959

    Date first heard: January 25-26, 2021

    My Take

    Having no preconceptions about this one, I found it a pretty enjoyable session.

    A couple of observations about the line-up. First, one would have to dig deep to find a sextet with two (!) trumpets. I’m not sure why this is the case or if it makes sense. Seems a little redundant at times. Second, the closing number, “‘Round About Midnight”, is a vehicle for Tubby Hayes, on which Reece completely sits it out. I’m not sure what accounts for these but they both suggest that the London-based Dizzy Reece was either 1) very generous and self-confident, or 2) he was being pressured by Blue Note. Or both?

    Hayes probably would have been a fine addition to Blue Note had he lived in America. His tone and his approach to soloing recall Hank Mobley and Junior Cook at their best. Mobley once described his own tone as “round”, which I totally get and agree with completely. The same can be said for Hayes, whose technique is pretty dazzling at times.

    The most memorable moment was the side two opener, “Shepherd’s Serenade.” Reece lets loose and plays a brilliant solo that is matched by Hayes. They both tear it up on this up-tempo blues.

    TL;DR: Solid hard bop release. Bluesy goodness throughout.

    Best track: “Shepherd’s Serenade'”

    Miscellaneous: Dizzy Reece celebrated his 90th birthday this past January 5.

    Note: Wikipedia lists Decca Studios in London and the liner notes indicate Rudy Van Gelderre-recorded” the album. I am not sure what to make of this. Anybody?

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